Dolphin Makes a Splash at Summer Camp

Claire, a Brownie Girl Scout who just finished her third summer at Camp Whispering Pines, has learned that with a little encouragement from your Girl Scout friends and a lot of hard work, you can tackle even your biggest challenges head first.

Claireswimming“When I first started camp I wasn’t a strong swimmer. I tried to become a ‘dolphin,’ but I didn’t pass the swimmer’s test,” Claire says.  Encouraged by camp staff and her new Girl Scout friends, she pushed forward, taking swimming lessons in her aunt’s pool.

She spent the year practicing her swimming and her hard work paid off. The following summer, she confidently dove head first into Lake Winnipesaukee, and aced her swim test. “I became a dolphin. I felt really, really happy when I did it,” she says. “Now I jump off the dock all the time.”

“Claire truly exemplifies what it means to be a Girl Scout—embracing risks without the fear of failure and persisting through challenges,” says Carrie Green, director of Girl Scout leadership experience at Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains. “Every day, Girl Scouts gives girls opportunities to take risks and try something new—even it means failing—in a safe and nurturing environment,” she adds.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 78% of girls surveyed said that Girl Scouts increased their willingness to face their fears and take on new challenges.

The precocious eight-year-old continues to challenge herself and advance her swimming skills. While swimming has become Claire’s favorite activity, the lessons she learned in Girl Scouting have gone well beyond the pool.

“After I got into Girl Scouts, I took that to school with me. I learned how important it is to be nice to everybody,” says Claire, who hopes to become a doctor or scientist when she grows up. “It’s made me into a nicer person,” she adds. “Girl Scouts is my life!”

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Coastal Rompers Enjoy Adventure on Appledore Island by Cassie Levesque

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse-PL

On August 7, members of the Girl Scouts Coastal Rompers group, their families, and friends traveled to Appledore Island: a beautiful island in the Isles of Shoals, off the coast of Portsmouth, NH.

Many of the people I met that day had planned on this trip for months in advance, though others didn’t know they were going until the day before. Some were invited by friends. All of them were excited to explore and discover the island – and the ocean that surrounds it.

Camden, an Ambassador Girl Scout from Barrington, NH, said she looks forward to the annual Isle of Shoals trip each summer, and enjoys visiting the island.  “We live near the Seacoast and it’s important to take care of the native creatures,” she added. Camden especially enjoys discovering some of the island’s most unique spots: this year she had her heart set on finding the “Sneaker Tree.”

Tide pooling - PLJohn, a Boy Scout from Dover, NH, attended the tour with some friends and enjoyed discovering the “Devil’s Dance Floor,” while Girl Scout Lola enjoyed learning about sea tables and crabs.

Arriving on the island, we learned the important role seagulls serve there: they’re currently being studied on Appledore. Adult gulls are white and black, and chicks are brown.

Garden 2 - CL Garden 1 - CL






Throughout the day, the tour group experienced the island in many ways: going tide-pooling, viewing ocean organisms under a microscope, and visiting Celia Thaxter’s partially-restored garden.

View-CLBoarding the boat to return to the mainland, we were filled with excitement. The sun was shining, the skies blue, and the views of Appledore Island were great. As we pulled into Portsmouth, we passed tug boats, the Portsmouth Station lighthouse, and Whaleback lighthouse.

It was a fun, educational, and adventure-filled day!

*   *   *

Guest blogger Cassie Levesque is a lifetime Girl Scout having been a girl member for 12 years. Cassie is from Barrington, NH.  The Coastal Rompers is a marine education and conservation series for Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts.

Photo credits: Cassie Levesque and Patty Levesque.

Destination Girls Say “Adieu” To Paris As Their Journey Comes To An End

The Girl Scout Destinations program brings girls from across the country together to experience a travel opportunity rich with culture, sight-seeing, and new friendships.

good bye parisAfter a memorable visit in Paris, our travelers left Paris to return to Dublin where their adventure began. Here they said farewell to Europe and began the long trek back to Boston.

After some goodbyes and farewells,good bye hugs the GSGWM girls headed home while the Destination girls from other parts of the country headed to their hotel for one last night in Boston and then flights home Sunday morning.

What a marvelous journey this has been! Thanks for sharing this awesome adventure with us over the last 12 days! flight landing

For more information about future Destinations trips and other travel experiences, visit and click About/Ways To Participate/Travel. Join us for our next amazing journey!

Destinations Girls Tour de la Ville de Paris

The Girl Scout Destinations program brings girls from across the country together to experience a travel opportunity rich with culture, sight-seeing, and new friendships.

LouvreOur travelers enjoyed a full day in Paris today. They had the opportunity to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triumph.  They also went on an evening cruise on the River Seine! C’est fantastique!



Destinations Girls Explore London

The Girl Scout Destinations program brings girls from across the country together to experience a travel opportunity rich with culture, sight-seeing, and new friendships. Our Destinations group has had their first full day in London, filled with exciting discoveries.

Pax Lodge pinning 2The girls had an amazing opportunity to participate in a pinning ceremony at Pax Lodge, one of four World Centers for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.  They also played games and learned about Girl Guiding. From there they were off to see the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace and a tour of the city including Big Ben and the London Eye.  Part of the group also took in the theater to see Wicked.

We’ve another journal entry from one of our travelers from July 17th:


Today we woke up extra early to eat a quick breakfast and hop onto the bus to catch a ferry, which happened to look more like a cruise to Wales. Many of the girls slept on the ferry, some enjoyed the amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, and some even did both. Once we arrived to our destination, we got onto our coach and stopped at the town with the longest name to get our passport stamped. We enjoyed a nice but long beautiful bus ride through the county side of Wales featuring lots of mountains and rock structures and more sleep! Finally we reached the heart of Wales with this gorgeous beach that had sailboats that just so happened to be aligned in the perfect spots. Wales had a lovely strip of different shops and different colored buildings. There was this castle too and when you reached the top (there were multiple tops) the view was so pretty and it was a prefect picture moment. After we took another very long trip to our hotel, unloaded our bags, ate some dinner (lasagna & chocolate cake), and then we were able to hang another with all of our new friends and enjoy a peaceful night to prepare for the next early wake up!

Group shot



SummerFunSchool may be out for the summer, but there are plenty of ways to continue enjoying the adventure, friendship, and fun of Girl Scouting!

Connect With Your Troop  

  • Get together—Meet at a local park, beach, or family home*.
  • Go outside—Camping, hiking, or other outdoor adventures are great ways for girls to work together, discover themselves, and connect with nature.
  • Hit the road—Take a trip to nearby attractions, or cross the border for an extended adventure*.
  • Plan ahead—Get a jump start on planning next year’s troop activities.

Interested in spending a fun weekend with your troop? Register for Camp a la Carte at Camp Farnsworth in Thetford, VT.  Friday-Sunday, August 12-14. Boat, swim, climb the wall, make jewelry, shoot archery, or just relax! Includes meals and all activities. Registration deadline: August 7.  $90 per girl | $60 per adult

Work on Your Highest Award

Summer is a great time to start working on your Gold (Seniors and Ambassadors), Silver (Cadettes) or Bronze (Juniors) project! Need inspiration? Click here to see what other girls are doing to change the world. For award details and guidelines, click here.

Become a “Girl Scout Ranger”

This summer, the National Park Service is celebrating its 100th Anniversary. Girl Scouts are invited to complete a special “Girl Scout Ranger” program and earn a patch. To learn more, click here.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, Girl Scouts, and remember—the fun doesn’t have to wait until fall!

*A Home Inspection Checklist must be completed before troops can meet or hold a gathering at a private home. To request a Home Inspection Checklist, please contact

*Extended trip paperwork is required for any trip longer than two nights and/or outside of New England or Upstate NY (New York City is also considered an extended trip) and must be completed at least four to six months in advance. International travel requires paperwork a year in advance. Questions? Contact

Destinations Excitement Continues!

13775624_947320626448_636327132296073754_nThe girls participating in this summer’s Destinations trip to Dublin, London, and Paris are having a fabulous and exciting experience. We are hearing from the advisors that the girls are thoroughly enjoying their experience. Because we hear from them in between their various stops, we get their communiques at various times. Here’s one journal entry we received this morning.

Today is their first full day in London. More about London in our next blog.


Today was our second completed day in Dublin and it was just as fun as the first. To start off the day, we woke up bright and early and made our way down to breakfast. At breakfast we got to experience black and white pudding which actually turned out to be delicious sausage! We then made our way to the coach and got comfortable for a three hour tour. During this informational tour, we visited Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and looked at some Georgian architecture. Then we had 6 hours to roam around and finished waking around Dublin for the trip. I went back to the Georgian architecture and took some more beautiful photos, then found a nice park to lounge in and relax. We then ventured over to the Spire to meet for dinner. After our Irish dinner, we went back to the hotel where we traded swaps and got to know each other more. It was all around another amazing day! Tomorrow we take the ferry to Wales!

The travelers  do stop briefly to send us pictures. Some will be featured in the blog, but will also be added to our Gallery.

Dublin Is Only the Beginning!

The girls participating in the Destinations trip to Dublin, London, and Paris are having a marvelous time. We heard first hand from one excited traveler:


streets of dublinAfter sleeping and watching movies on Aer Lingus for 7 hours we began our Dublin adventure!  Once we landed in Dublin we went to go get our passports stamped, which was super exciting for me because this is the first time that I have ever flown internationally.

Ketchup comes out of this tomato!
Ketchup comes out of this tomato!

Then we met Cat, our EF Tour guide at the airport and we all loaded up into the coach bus to begin our tour at Trinity College. There we were able to visit the oldest college in Ireland and see the Book of Kells.  Later we were able to have some free time in Dublin to have lunch and explore the area.

My first day in Dublin was such fun and I can’t wait to see where the rest of our adventures in Dublin take us tomorrow!


After Dublin, the group will head to North Wales. Snowdonia and a Welsh castle awaits!


Destinations Girls Discover Dublin!

Our Destinations girls enjoyed a last day in Boston before winging their way to Europe. We’ve been planning for so many months and now their excursion is finally here.


group quincy marketThis morning we got to sleep in until around seven, but had to be out of the rooms with our luggage by 8:45. Then we started the the drive to Boston and the Holocaust Memorial Museum. After that we had a brief discussion about the holocaust and its importance as well as how it made us feel, we made our way to Quincy Market and had a little shopping time. Next we walked on the freedom trail to Paul Revere’s house and the old North Church. After a couple hours of spending time in northern Boston we had a fun time at the Science Museum with a planetarium and an Imax theater. We ended the day by meeting up with the GSGWM girls and taking an overnight flight to Dublin!

KellsThe group arrived really early in Dublin from their overnight flight, met their tour director Catriona, and were off on a tour of this intriguing city.  Along the way they went to Trinity College and see The Book of Kells.  They tried some new food and discovered, of all things, a Pringles dispenser!!!!  Pringles DispenserLast night part of the group chose to try out Irish River Dancing, while part of the group headed back to the hotel to get settled and rest from their travels!  Of course along the way there was some shopping.

Irish River Dancing