Happy National S’Mores Day! Our 5 Favorite Ways to Celebrate

We’re so excited for National S’Mores Day – a holiday for eating one of our favorite Girl Scout treats. Yeah, you heard us right: we don’t just provide everyone’s favorite cookie; Girl Scouts are also credited with inventing this campfire favorite. The original S’mores recipe was first introduced to the world over 80 years ago in the 1927 Girl Scout Handbook. YUM!

So how are we celebrating? We’re rounding up our 5 Favorite S’Mores variants. Looking for even more options? These treats (and loads more) are compiled on our Pinterest page. Check it out!

Frosty S’Mores Cups

A cold S’More? Hear us out! Yes, we all love the traditional campfire favorite, but when the sun’s beating down on a hot August day it’s time to let it go, make like Elsa, and break out the frozen options.

Campfire Bars

This one’s for all the chefs-in-training out there: every step of this recipe is made from scratch. Bake your own Graham Crackers, whip up some Marshmallow Fluff, and dunk ’em all in delicious chocolate. Of course, for the kitchen disinclined, you can always use store-bought!

S’Mores Pops

S’Mores have always been nice and portable, but we all know that they can be pretty messy. This trick is quick, easy, and promises fewer sticky fingers.

Girl Scout Cookie S’Mores

Why not combine two things we all love? Girl Scout Cookies and S’Mores make a great match. We couldn’t resist these tasty options, and we bet you won’t be able to either!

S’mores Dip

Great for a party, but easy enough to make for everyday dessert. One of our staff members tried this out last week and said it was EXTREMELY delicious- and we all know Girl Scouts are honest!

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